LIBERIA: Court Orders Seizure Of Documents From Ducor

Latest report reaching our news outlet has disclosed that the Judge of the Commercial Court, Eva Mappy Morgan including two of her Associate Judges are to forcibly troop to the offices of the Ducor Petroleum Company in a bid to seize some important documents.

The case involving Amos P. K. Brosius of Ducor Petroleum Incorporated and the Monrovia Oil Trading Company owned by two Belgium nationals over the past years have been strangulating Mr. Brosius, a Liberian businessman under the guise that they own a 90% share in his business.

During series of court proceedings it was however discovered that those claiming 90% share of Ducor Petroleum had been proven to the contrary, despite mountain pressure from lawyers representing the Liberian businessman to dismiss the case.

On July 28, 2015 the Judge of the same court ruled the case to be audited by an auditing firm, the PKF Liberia based in Monrovia for an audit of transactions between both Ducor Petroleum and the Monrovia Oil Trading Company. The auditors in question were commissioned and ordered to proceed with the audit.

According to our source, while that audit was pending the auditors requested a conference with the party concern, at that conference the auditing firm requested to glimpse of the records in possession of the two parties so as to familiarize itself with the transactions between the parties and determine how it would source the records from the parties.

Following the familiarization tour by the auditing firm the court decided to completely lock up the records room at the head offices of Ducor. On the part of the MOTC it request a period of one week to enable it make its records available to be locked at its premises but failed to do so, a situation which prompted the court to rule on October 2, 2015 that all parties shall keep their own records and produce when requested by the auditors.

From this information gathered on how things went, observers who spoke to this outlet wondered as to why such decision  on the part of the  Court to reverse earlier plans to put documents under ‘lock and keys’ is now been translated as Amos Brosius documents being referred as ‘Court Documents’.

According to our source, this morning a team of court offices are expected to storm the offices of Ducor in their bid to forcibly take away documents belonging to the company.

Documents in our possession confirmed that the documents that are being pursuit for by the court also contain some huge payment receipts amounting to over US$193M paid to MOTC for the supply of petroleum products to Ducor Petroleum.

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