Liberian Gov’t Appointed Committee Asks Sime Darby To Seek EPA Permit On Chemicals

The management of Sime Darby has been warned to desist from exposing chemicals of burnt materials without permit from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This was one of five recommendations submitted to the company recently by a committee of three government ministries and agencies that investigated the chemical explosion at the Sime Darby Plantation in Gbarjike, Klay District in Bomi County over a month ago.
The committee, comprising the Ministries of Justice and Internal Affairs and the EPA, recommended that Enoch Gorley, one of the 10 victims who severely injured his eyes in an attempt to fight the fire, should be sent for medical treatment abroad.
The committee also recommended that all persons injured in the explosion be monitored and treated duly.
The committee recommended that the management of the company refrain from spraying chemical substances during the raining season, and called on them to carefully clear and properly dispose of chemical brewery at its own expense.

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