Joint Commission to Meet as Iran Nuclear Deal Moves Forward

The international agreement on Iran's nuclear program moves forward Monday with the first meeting of the Joint Commission responsible for monitoring how both sides implement their parts of the deal.

Monday's session brings high ranking officials from Iran and the group that includes the United States, Britain, China, France, Russia, Germany and the European Union back to Vienna, the city where they agreed in July to limit Iran's nuclear program in exchange for needed sanctions relief.

It follows Sunday's so-called Adoption Day when the sides took their first formal steps to implement the deal.

The commission is due to meet four times a year and discuss issues such as the design for converting the heavy water research reactor in Arak, projects at the Fordow facility and any issues that arise from implementing the lifting of sanctions. It is also the first stop for either side to report alleged violations of the agreement and try to resolve the issues. READ MORE OF THIS STORY FROM VOA NEWS WEBSITE

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