As 2017 Election Draws Closer, Liberians Say Their Eyes Are Open

As dozens of Liberian presidential candidates for the 2017 election warming up to take state power following the replacement of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when her tenure shall have ended, Liberians from across the country say they are ready to chose a leader who will not disappoint them.

Our Correspondent in the southeast of the Country, Maryland, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh Counties during his weekend opinion sampling in that part of the Country said, dozens of Liberians who were spoke to vowed not to elect someone who will only care for his or her family, but rather someone who will be most patriotic and nationalistic in his quest to rule Liberia.

Our Correspondent quoting some residents of Grand Gedeh said those spoken to are bitter with the current Government, noting that this Government has failed them in its bid to bring about reconciliation amongst Liberians, especially those from that County.

He said some of the residents of the County who were spoken to during his opinion poll have all resolved that anyone who will come under the canopy of the Unity Party should consider receiving any support from them during the pending 2017 general and presidential elections.

Our southeastern Correspondent speaking via mobile phone also disclosed that some residents of both Maryland and Grand Kru Counties have vowed that this time they will not vote in favor of anyone due to that individual or individuals’ financial willpower.

“They disclosed that anyone who feels that we can be used because they have money to put them in power, they will be missing the boat. This time we are watching all of them with eagle eyes, not only for money but what they can do for the Country. If they bring their money we will eat it for free,” Our Correspondent quoting residents in that part of the Country said.

Observers believed this warning from electorates should be a clear notice for those politicians who feel that money can take them to the top, the presidency. “Liberians need a patriotic and nationalistic individual who will lead them, and not anyone who will use their political jargons to ascend to state power.

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