Nigerian Movie Star Now Lawmaker Begins Work On Delivering One Of His Campaign Promises

Nollywood star Desmond Elliot got elected into the Lagos State Legislative Assembly on the promise of hope and change for the people of his constituency, and he seems to have already began work on keeping his promise.

A couple of days ago, Desmond organized a skilled acquisition programme for physically challenged people in his constituency to help provide them with the necessary skills they need to succeed, and promised to follow up with other similar programmes in the future:

“I promised you during my campaigns that I will not be far from you and that I will start my empowerment with you. This is the beginning, it may be little but you can do a lot with it. We are going to make sure you become rich, at least by the end of this programme more than half of you will be empowered.” READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON AFRICAN MOVE NEWS WEBSITE

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