LIBERIA: Parker Speaks on ‘Knowledge versus Action’ -Receives ‘Original Face of NPA’ Award

Suspended National Port Authority Managing Director Matilda Wokie Parker has underscored the need for the Liberian people to over overcome their fears and their feeling of being powerless and lack of focus. Madam Parker observed that fear is by far the biggest obstacle to taking action while powerlessness and lack of focus are the second and third obstacles many people face in the daily lives.

The NPA Managing Director made the observation in a motivational speech she delivered at a program organized by dozens of port users and neighbors in Monrovia. The group presented Madam Parker the “Original Face of NPA” award for her excellent transformational performance at the Liberian port authority. Although Parker is indicted for alleged corruption, the group’s spokespersons Mr. Solomon B. Wesseh and Cyrus Weah insisted that Madam Parker’s performance as NPA Managing Director is unmatchable base on the fact that she rescued the port authority from collapse, restore it to an economically viable institution and employed hundreds of young promising Liberians.

“We are more than happy to have you in our community and by your coming, you have given us the opportunity and privilege to have a moment of reflection with you being fully aware of what you are going through at the moment,” said Solomon Wesseh.

“Let me assure you Madam Parker that we empathize with you and we know that you have an impeccable character and enviable records that can’t easily be tainted and this is why God is going to set you free from you prosecutors.”

Also speaking earlier was Cyrus Weah who used the occasion to remind the government that suspending someone for six months without trial is humiliating.

Cyrus also reminded the government and the public of the sacrificial roles Madam Parker has and continued to play in the development of her country.

“We are fully aware of the tireless voluntary services you are rendering to this country just to help improve the lives of the Liberian people despite you suspension. It is also still fresh on our minds when you kept our seaports free of Ebola; where you instituted ‘stringent’ anti-Ebola measures and recorded zero Ebola cases at the Freeport of Monrovia and the out-ports,”

Cyrus added as he appealed to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to use her oversight authority to see an end to the case involving Madam Parker.

Receiving the certificate of honor, Madam Parker told the group that she doesn’t take such an honor coming from ordinary Liberians so lightly. “I am proud of what you have surprised me with because little did I know that you are following what we do,” she said.

The NPA boss, who refused to comment on her indictment, encouraged the young people to learn to overcome their fears within themselves and their families and communities.

Speaking on the on the topic, "Knowledge versus Action," the NPA boss explained “these may be fears that you are aware of, but quite often they are fears that you may not even be consciously aware of. For example, like many people you might like to start a business and have a lot of business ideas in this regard, but maybe you find yourself unable to take the next step.”

She said until people recognize and deal with the issue of fear they may find themselves stuck.

She said people feel powerlessness when they are living in a state of low power. “In this state you will find that you generally feel less energetic, blame yourself or others and you become judgmental of self and others and at times even angry.”

 Madam Parker: “the best way I would describe this state is the feeling of having a weight on your shoulder, or a feeling of heaviness in your chest or heart, particularly when you think about your future and your plans. It can be such a drag and every step can take so much effort.”

Madam Parker observed that once a person recognizes and let go of his fears and is in a state of higher power, that person needs to add focus in order to move from knowledge.”

“Part of the reason that knowledge you have is not being put to use may be that there is nothing for you to focus it on. There is nothing pulling you in a certain direction. So today if I tell you about investing in real estate you will be really excited about it and tomorrow if I tell you about multilevel marketing you will be really excited about that too. The result is that you be pulled in many directions and end up remaining stationary despite your unfocused efforts,” said Parker.

She concluded by saying “acting consistently and towards the right purpose is important. Work out your vision. Work out your purpose. Be clear on what you want in life.”

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