LIBERIA: Salala Ruber Corporation Making the Difference Despite Of Global Challenges

The scheduled visit by our staff to the plantation of the Salala Rubber Corporation(SRC) situated in Margibi County saw the high level of contributions this company is making in the human resource development of Liberia; providing job opportunities to hundreds  of Liberians in that part of the Country.

During a tour of the entire plantation by our staff with the assistance of a member of the Company’s workers union, Mr. Oldman Kollie who is also Chairman of the Grievances Committee of the union drove the team around the plantation to see for itself the level of contributions SRC is making in the growth and development of the Liberian economy.

It was  visually noticed during the tour that employees of the Company were comfortably living in decent houses backed with several benefits including healthcare, education incentives for the children, and other dependents of employees as compare to yesteryears, .

Despite of the difficulty being faced by rubber plantations around the world as a result of the dropped in the price of rubber globally, SRC is doing all it can to in meeting the wellbeing of its employees,  like any other employees in the world with the appropriate benefits.

The nine camps of the plantation visited employees and their dependents were enjoying the new housing facilities being provided by their employers, the SRC, as many of them who spoke to our staff expressed happiness to the management for being generous to its employees.

It was also noticed that each of the camp visited, a modern Camp Hall is being built, and is also being used for under age students who cannot walk long distance to some of the modern schools built in their respective camp.

Some of the workforce of the Company talked to expressed gratitude to the employer for making them to feed their families, and send their children to free school.

When the health center of the Company was visited, the Health Superintendent of the Company, Mr. McCarthy Weljay who said he has been with the company since 1998 praised the SRC management for its health services to employees, their dependents, and non-workers.

He disclosed that with the support of the SRC management the Salala Health Center remained opened to hundreds of patients during the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, stressing, “Citizens of this County are indeed grateful to the SRC management for its health services. Many of the patients also came from outside of the County for treatment,” Superintendent Wedjay speaking to our staff noted.

In a brief chat with the General Manager of the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC), Mr. Nicolas Bergerot said his Company was doing all it could to provide job opportunities to Liberians despite the drastic fall of the price of rubber on the international market, stressing, “We just have to deal with the situation by keeping the Company operating,” Mr. Bergerot, a French National in a rather disheartened state of mind said.

For his part, the Administrative and Human Resource Manager, Mr. Jallah Mensah lauded the relationship between the Salala Agriculture Workers Union and the Company, noting, “The relationship between the Workers Union and Management is perfect, and excellent”, Mr. Mensah speaking further said.

The Project Coordinator / Health Safety and Environments Officer, Mr. William Quaye put the number of new houses built by the Company from 2013 to 2015 to 60, and said more are expected to be constructed in the future.

What amazed our team of reporters during the tour of the SRC plantation was young ladies were seen driving tractors, and other vehicles transporting latex to various locations. 

See Below Snaps From The Tour:

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