LIBERIA: NLP Wants House Speaker Relinquish Position ‘Temporarily’ Amidst Corruption Allegation

The New Liberia Party (NLP) is calling on the Speaker of the Liberian National Legislature, Alex Tyler, to temporarily recuse himself or resign from the speakership until he resolves the damaging corruption allegation and/or potential indictment he faces from the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.  

The Party said his continuous presence as speaker of the people’s House under such gloomy circumstances taints not only the credibility of the National Legislature, it also puts in question the collective conscience and political morality of the Liberian people and their decency as an emerging democracy, and nation of laws.

In a press statement issued by the  Party political leader, Jones Nhinson Williams said, excessive corruption is damaging the future of all Liberians and the fabric of our society, particularly the poorest and rural communities.  It compromises infrastructural and social developments, weakens the labor market and job creation, undercuts basic healthcare and social assistance, demoralizes investors’ confidence, threatens national security, reconciliation and peace, and diminishes basic civil and human rights.  

Liberians should not live in a country where their elected leaders are excessively corrupt or where corrupt bureaucrats and their cronies manipulate the functioning of the state to enrich themselves and impoverish the citizens and residents, said Jones Nhinson Williams, Political Leader of the New Liberia Party.

The Liberian government under President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf cannot continue to ignore the hurts of majority of the Liberian people.  It is absolutely unconscionable to do so.  Although President Sirleaf routinely offers verbal commitment to fight corruption, so far, the government has absolutely failed to tackle the numerous corruption scandals it faces and people in positions of responsibility are acting with impunity, most notably over allegations concerning theft of public funds and the misused of national resources.  Furthermore, the New Liberia Party strongly urges all Liberians to stop encouraging corrupt practices by asking or supporting candidates for elected offices just because those candidates share a small portion of stolen wealth with them. Rather, Liberians should learn to support candidates based on the candidates’ moral standing, achievements, education, credibility, patriotism and vision for a better Liberia.  This is the only way forward for Liberia's future.

The New Liberia Party also calls on the Sirleaf administration to mandate independent and speedy investigations of all government agencies and their heads, past and present, and hold accountable all those who are found guilty, irrespective of their positions and social connections. In this respect, the New Liberia Party urges the government to support the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission and the Ministry of Justice with every tool necessary to carry out their work without Executive’s interference and favoritism.

“Those who practice or tolerate corruption are well advised to examine the dire consequences of doing so. This is what the New Liberia Party and the Liberian public are attempting to convey. Liberians must exercise their democratic right to tell those in authority that we have had enough,” said Williams, an incorruptible national leader.

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