LIBERIA: Minister Moore Attributes Deplorable Condition of Roads In Southeast To Heavy Rainfall

Public Works Minister Gyude Moore has attributed the deplorable condition of roads in Southeastern Liberia to heavy rainfall and the movement of heavy duty vehicles which rupture the surface of the roads mostly built with laterite.

Moore said the long-term solution to the road situation in the country is to seal the road surface with asphalt or concrete as laterite depreciates faster if not maintained regularly.

The Public Works Minister made the statement Thursday when he appeared before the plenary of the Liberia Senate to provide a comprehensive and workable plan aimed at addressing the deplorable road situation in Southeastern Liberia.

Moore noted that the provision of quality road infrastructure for the people of Liberia is largely dependent upon the level of financial support to the Ministry of Public Works (MPW).

He observed that if the MPW is not given the necessary support through budgetary allocation it will be impossible for the ministry to build roads to enhance inter-connectivity that would subsequently ease traveling burden in the country.

Moore thinks that in order to  build and maintain roads in the country, a comprehensive road access management plan needs to be developed, so that the Ministry of Public Works can have a workable instrument through which it can operate.

He also pointed out that a road maintenance fund will also be required for the ministry to effectively manage road projects throughout the country.

Moore suggested that road maintenance fund can be generated from minimum tariffs  on goods and  commodities such as petroleum, and that the proceeds be placed in an escrow account to be used for the maintenance of roads in the country.

The Public Works Ministry assured that the road situation in the southeast will be adequately addressed, but noted that this will depend upon advice from the Ministry of Public Works Resident Engineer in the region.

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