New Liberia Party Chairman Speaks from the U.S. on Liberia’s Future

The National Chairman of the New Liberia Party (NLP), Mr. Sam Mohammed Kromah has been on several issues that Liberians both at home and abroad need to look at in the new Liberia, if this Africa's oldest republic must succeed in the dispensation of its democratic value. In a dispatch from the United States, Mr. Kromah said, "Those who are obsessed with excellence and have the great gifts of determination, anticipation and steadfastness are not deterred easily and also success does not come as a surprise to them, either. I say this because I have consistently focused on the price of my patience in living in my beloved country of birth, Liberia. I have and continue to face obstacles, debilitating and humiliating conditions, discouraging results and sometimes insults from all efforts that I have attempted or made.

I continue to suspend my disbelieve so that I can live to see the next day. My only quest has been to get an opportunity to exhibit my talent and make a difference for the people and country I love so dearly. I have not been able to crack the shield of shenanigan because I did not pay much attention to the political culture and the chicanery.

After 14+ years of chaos I thought we were sober and wholesome.  This issue transcends ethnicity and religion. The person who holds the trigger and who could help you is likely the mole in many organizations. We have created a culture where some of the gurus do not feel comfortable seeing you on the same stage as equals.  

They will do everything to prevent you from succeeding, including making sure that you do not reach your objective and will eventually kill your dream. We’ve developed habits that are known to be the destroyer of every good society or community. One could remain aloof, if the future of this great potential was not sliding towards the abyss of violence and self destruction.

Liberia's once prominent status as the beacon of Africa; with its brilliant minds in leadership; with such tremendous natural wealth; does it allow itself to be called; the most primitive; the poorest; the most socially, economically and politically chaotic; and everything negative on the face of the earth-people die everyday from preventable and treatable conditions.

I end with a fervent prayer to our Merciful God to awake Liberia from its deep slumber so that it can be restored to a status of dignity and glory in Africa.  Perhaps, that's what we really need:  God's direct intervention to restore our dignity on this earth. This is a wakeup call from the Chairman of the New Liberia Party to all Liberians, whether you live in Liberia or outside, please get involved. This attitude of “leave the people business” is not going to build Liberia. Let us criticize constructively and with respect. We can begin building Liberia by starting with ourselves. We must re-examine our own attitudes as individuals, as ethnic groups, as religious groups and as a nation, for our attitudes are essential to our ultimate goal. The bottom line is, some of us do not respect this country as a nation. Should we contribute that kind of unpatriotic attitude to the fourteen year war?  No, Liberia is 168 years and we continue to give all the negative credits to the 14 year war. FYI, if we haven’t heard, the war is over  and it’s been12 years.  Let us not dwell on the ills of the past and continue to destroy our Liberia. As the late Maya Angelou brilliantly put it in her inaugural poem in 1993, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if treated with courage, need not be lived again”.
It is anyone’s guest to say that they didn’t know how or did not want to develop the infrastructure of the country. They failed to build roads because they had us carrying them in hammocks if they wanted something from our side of the country.
They took away the dignity of the people, if you did not pay the annual hut tax. They took away our sisters and mothers as sex slaves.  They took away the strongmen among us to work on their farms free (one had to carry enough food supplies to feed yourself for whatever time you had to spent working on their farms). Those of our brothers and sisters that lived with them were used as their water and sewer system. They brought water in the home before and after school and carried out chamber buckets in the early morning, before school.

Here is the irony and the disturbing part that I have consistently argued against. As inhumane, repulsive and repugnant these enumerated actions are, the claim of such barbaric, savage, brutal and ungodly treatment of other human beings by some others, should never be accredited to any monotheistic religion. So, people that claim that Liberia was founded on Christian Principles, realistically disgusts me and it smells like the dumping ground in hell. And, if this country was founded on Christian Principles, it sure was run by thugs. Out rightly, it is Blasphemy and these people should be asking for the mercy of God against such a claim.

No nation is so evil that it is considered lacking in virtue. Every Liberian, in one way or another, lost someone special in this self created mess we called civil war. We should be saddened but should not lose hope. I am not asking that we be blind to our differences, what I am say is that we must direct our attentions to our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved or be created into useful finished products-because I know that our God is a God of diversity and diversity could be a source of power and enrichment.  There is nothing wrong with being different. How we manage those differences is what’s important. Democracy is not about the gathering of people of the same views or ideas; it is about the consolidation of these different views to accommodate all involved. Look around you. No two things are identical, in its purest sense. In order to maintain the ecological balance, our maker created the forestland, the Sea, the desert, the savanna, the high and lowlands. He created different races, different ethnic groups and different color to beautify the world. It is not to show supremacy. But because we are simple, we use that diversity as a reason to discriminate and try to reduce God to our own size.

And if we cannot end our differences now, at least we can help make our nation safe for diversity.  As John F. Kennedy rightly put it, “in the final analysis our most common link is that we all inhabit this land. We all breathe the same air; we all cherish our children future and we are all mortal”. We have to sharpen our leadership skills and remember that as leaders, we must create harmony from discord by changing the destructive forces around us into positive pursuits, which will benefit our nation. We should also remember that a great leader shows his greatness by the way he treats the less fortunate. As leaders, we should be known by the power of our example and not by the example of our power.

Where do I get my consolation and determination to stick around with no job since 2003? From an old saying, “there has never been an endless winter”.

The system designed, built and operated by the founding fathers and mothers of this country, 1847-1980 was driven by suppression, oppression and unjust and inhumane treatment of 97% of the population by the 3% that constituted the governing body. The responsibility of the 97% was to work and upkeep the welfare of the 3%. It was taxation without representation plus force labor,(protor/porterism) along with other inhumane factors.

They did not only fail to develop the country’s infrastructure but also destroyed the dignity in labor. Individuals worked hard and did not enjoy or get the fruit of their labors, in return. The took away the human drive that makes someone to get up in the morning to fetch for a cup of water that makes a person feel accomplished. Labor never benefited the laborer but the one who is a remote agent. This principle of monkey works baboon draws led to the natural death of the motivation to work hard, coupled with the constant tendency not to take personal responsibility for anything that went wrong. Since the officials of the governing institutions were considered the untouchables, the dream of every child was to grow up and be like them. There were no sincere efforts to instill a sense of nationalism. It was always better if it came from elsewhere. There was no pride for country or patriotism for homeland/motherland.


It is self evident that one cannot outsource himself out of a disaster, we have to face it and fix it. That is what patriots do for their country and that is what God fearing people do for humanity. The way to honor those who defend our liberties with their deeds and lives is not to short change the rights of others or curtail their liberty, but to exercise tolerance and acceptance in pursuit of a just and peaceful co-existence.

Plus, the way to protect the liberty and democracy we each endear and strive to achieve and secure is not by the protection of one group at the expense of others.


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