As Liberians Publicly Crave For The Establishment Of War Crime Court, Dozens Want Senator Prince Johnson, Others Highlighted

Hundreds of Liberians are calling on the Liberian Legislature to approve the establishment of War Crime Court in Liberia in order to speedily bring to justice those who have over the years committed heinous crimes and crime against humanity.

Speaking on a local radio talk show in Monrovia, callers emotionally expressed their thoughts on the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which will eventually give room for the establishment of the War Crime Court in Liberia.

Pointing fingers to those who they said have committed heinous crimes during the Liberian senseless civil war that led to the death of over 500,000 innocent people, the callers in their emotional thoughts named the former war lord, and leader of the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL), and now senior Senator of Nimba County, Prince Y. Johnson of being the most fearless war criminals who they alleged killed thousands of innocent Liberians and foreign residents during the Liberian civil crisis.

The callers speaking on the show accused the Nimba County Senator been the worst war criminals who they said massacred people that were perceived as his enemies, forcing hundreds of Liberians to flee their home country to foreign lands as refugees, and is now living as lawmaker and evangelist with impunity.

They said the establishment of  War Crime Court in Liberia will help to bring to justice those linked to the killing of innocent people, which they said if done will serve as precedent, and warning to others who may want to do the same to kill innocent people just for power.

The callers also called for the prosecution of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who they accused of being one of the supporters of the Liberian civil war, by reportedly providing US$10,000.00 to the leadership of the defunct National Patriotic Front of Liberia of detained Liberian leader, Charles Ghanky Taylor during the early days of the Liberian civil war.

The callers on the talk show also called for the arrest of other warlords who took part during the country fifteen years bloody civil war, noting that if this is done Liberians will be overwhelmed, and welcome the last peace they have been yearning over the years.

The Liberian lawmakers are now debating an act for the establishment of the TRC and War Crime Court in Liberia with some members of that august welcoming the Act, while others are refusing on ground that it will dig up ‘old wounds’ when approved.

Recently President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf submitted to the National Legislature a Act for the establishment of the TRC in Liberia after years of public outcry for the implementation of the recommendations of the TRC for the establishment of the War Crime Court in Liberia.

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