Liberian Revenue Authority To Launch Robust Campaign To Recover Real Estate Tax Debts

An official of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Lasana A.Kroma Sr, has indicated that the LRA will shortly begin a robust enforcement strategy to recover Real Estate Tax debts in the Country.

Mr. Kromah, who is LRA Assistant Commissioner for Real Estate Tax Division, said this will be done through legal means by placing lien on noncompliant properties

He made the statement Tuesday at the Ministry of Information regular weekly press briefing on Capitol Hill in Monrovia..

The Real Estate Tax Division is an arm of the LRA responsible for the collection and administration of real property taxes in Liberia.

According to Kromah,  litigation at the tax court is ongoing and is expected to get more rigid, and used the occasion to call on all property owners to visit the LRA Business offices across Liberia to
regularize their status as it relates to real estate tax.

“Let me add that our real estate tax regime  is one of the lowest property tax payer in  West Africa; remember a good tax payer is a nation builder as taxes bring development,” Mr. Kromah pointed out.

He stressed that Real Estate Tax is an annual Tax, which is paid once a year and that it is due between January first to June 30 of the year in which it is levied, after which it becomes delinquent.

“However and regrettably, this vision by our President has not been met as evidenced by the real estate tax annual contributions to the National fiscal envelope over the periods which have not been more
than one percent,” he pointd out.

Mr.Kromah recalled that when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to power in 2006, she waived all taxes from 1847 up to 2006 to give taxpayers time to pay their taxes beginning 2007 to now, but noted
that some people are not complying.

He stressed that the LRA will shortly begin a robust enforcement campaign to compel noncompliant property owners to begin paying their taxes.

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