LIBERIA: Several Stranded In Southeast As Road Condition Worsens

The suffering of citizens, residents and business people in Southeastern Liberia has intensified as the Ganta Harper Highway road is gradually becoming impassable by vehicles.
It now takes drivers five days or more to travel from Monrovia to Harper, as opposed to a maximum of two days drive few months ago.

Dozens of commuters including justice actors such as Public Defenders and Attorneys, who are returning from the region following the closure of the August term of court, are stranded on the highway as their
vehicles got stuck in huge mud and deep holes in the middle of the road. The transport fare from Harper to Monrovia has accordingly increased from L$3,500 to L$5,000.

Some passengers, most of who are business women, told the Liberia News Agency (LINA) that some of their goods are often stolen during night hours by unknown individuals due to the long stay of their vehicles on the road.

They are therefore calling on the Ministry of Public Works to rehabilitate the Ganta-Harper Highway to ease the inconveniences being experienced by citizens of the region due to deplorable state of the road.

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