Int’l Expert Calls For Effective Management of Providence Island

A Gambian International expert, Baba Ceesay, has underscored the need for effective management of the Providence Island in Monrovia in order to make that historical site a strong candidate for the World Heritage Committee (WHC).

The Gambian consultant said the WHC will be convinced that both the legislative protection and the management systems in place are sufficient and adequate to sustain the site in terms of its conservation.

Mr. Ceesay made the call Monday at a meeting with heads of government leaders in planning the preliminary mission tour of six counties with the Culture Department at the Ministry of Information.

Ceesay noted that the historicity of the site as Africa’s Oldest Republic makes it an even stronger aspirant for the lessons that can be learned from its establishment.

The Gambian however stressed the need for the improvement of its authenticity and integrity because it has lost all of the remains of its original settlement.

“All the original structures are gone and the site has a lot of potential for archaeological research to unearth material remains, but I am not sure how much work has been done in this area,” Ceesay observed.

Providence Island is the place the first group of former slaves who founded Liberia landed from the United States of America in 1822.


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