Ngafuan’s Bid For 2017 Seems To Come Through, As He Resigns His Foreign Minister Position, Issues Statement

The Liberian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan has reportedly resigned his position for unknown reasons. The news of his resignation was aired on a local radio station.

The youthful Minister was appointed by President Johnson-Sirleaf in February 2012, leaving the Ministry of Finance where he also served for number of years before that position at the Country’s foreign ministry.

Observers believed his resignation as Minister of Foreign Affairs is to make his quest known to contest the 2017 presidency.

Mr. Ngafuan recently broke the iceberg  during a speech to a cross section of students from the University of Liberia  when he called on the Liberian intelligentsias to unite and forge a common front for the coming presidential and general elections in 2017.

He said in the Liberian parlance, the Liberian intelligentsias are those who some people referred to as “book people,” or those who have acquired some form of higher education, and also holistically defines the intelligentsia from Merriam-Webster dictionary as a group of intelligent and well-educated people, who guide or try to guide the political, artistic, or social development of their country.

“Generally, the intellectuals of the country, the professors, the lecturers, the authors, the students and graduates of institutions of higher learning in Liberia, or to put it in Liberian English, the book people may be considered as members of the Liberian intelligentsia,” he said.

Recently it was also reported in the local media that  Mr.  Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan was to be aligning ahead of the preparations for Liberia's 2017 presidential elections, noting that he was craving for the Weah/Ngafuan ticket for the upcoming 2017 elections. READ BELOW THE RESIGNATION STATEMENT


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