Education Care Africa Launched free after school program in Paynesville, Liberia

Education Care Africa; a US base 501C3 non-profit organization  launched a free after school program for over 25 children in the Paynesville community; the  Reading & Social Skills Enrichment Program (RESEP) is structured to develop and implement programs and activities that prepare young people in Liberia for success. The kids selected for this program are encouraged to participate in all 5 basic areas of programming: Education & Career Development, Character & Leadership, Health & life skill, Arts & Crafts arts, Fitness and Recreation Program.

According to Jamilatu J. Konneh, country director of ECA; RESEP has already been launched in two villages in Bomi County; ECA hopes to serve over 200 children in 10 communities before the end of 2016.RESEP is offered free of charge to children between ages 6-13. Participants are issued free logistical supplies in order to keep them in the program. Each participant receives book-bag, a pair of shoes, slippers, 1 t-shirt to be worn during programming time only, assorted school supplies, and hygiene kit, and one pocket size dictionaries. RESEP is offered in a classroom and outdoor setting with not more than 25 students in a program. Students meet 4 days a week for 2 hours each day; the program offers occasional field trips, competitions, and surprise parties. Participants are selected without any discrimination; parents are encouraged to ensure regular attendance. All RESEP students are given equal opportunities and fair treatments. For the first 1 year (July 2015 – July 2016), 80% of this program will be offered to rural villages in Bomi County. Education Care Africa hopes to provide gainful employment for over 20 Liberians before the end of 2016.

In Paynesville, RESEP will be implemented by the Women of Refined Destiny (WORD);a local women organization providing scholarship for over 100 needy children. According to the group chairperson, NE-suah Livingston; her organization is excited to partner with Education Care Africa. She used the occasion to commend ECA for the shoes they donated during WORD back to school program and assured them that her organization will do everything humanly possible to properly manage the After school program. The launching was on September 26, at Nowai Larteh School in Lower Johnsonville, Liberia

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