Profile of The Month – George N. Nehme: A Business Tycoon Helping To Boost Liberia’s Economic Growth

The economic growth of Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia is rising each day with some of its foreign partners doing everything possible to make sure that the huge unemployment rate in the Country reduces drastically to its minimum.

One of those business tycoons in Liberia helping to improve the livelihood of Liberians is Mr. George N. Nehme, Chief Executive Officer of the Supplying West Africa Trader Incorporated (SWAT), one of Liberia’s leading and most reliable rice dealers in the Country.

His chain of businesses in Liberia including the Harbel Supermarket  Corporation, Liberia’s biggest shopping mall have all drastically impacted the lives of many Liberians whose respective families are now been financially strengthened through employments from Nehme’s jobs creation.

The Harbel Supermarket Corporation branches ideally located on Randall Street, Monrovia, Montserrado County, Bushrod Island branch at St. Paul Bridge and another gigantic shopping mall in Harbel, Firestone Liberia Plantation in Margibi County have economically empowered many of its workforce who are young Liberian men and women with lucrative incentives

Some of the beneficiaries of Mr. Nehme’s jobs creation who spoke to our team of reporters recently, expressed thanks and appreciation to this Lebanese business tycoon, noting that his concern for his employees at all times will forever be remembered.

His workforce that has no gender border through the employment of dozens of Liberian citizen, including men and women, some of whom are using their financial intake to further their academic education at the country’s various academic institutions including universities, colleges and high schools.

“George” as he is affectionately called by many of his admirers has been in Liberia since the early 1950s, when his late father who was also a businessman, and admired by many Liberians in the 1950s and 1960s for his generosity has gained the admiration of Liberians as was done during the existence of his late father.

Notably, George Nehme’s passion is not only to do businesses in Liberia, but valued his time in providing goodwill gesture for those who need it most; this is another side of him.

Because of his ‘down to earth’ attitude towards people who on a daily basis interact with him, George is always regarded as friend of the people; be it from the upper or the lower class, he is always there for them.
During our survey, it was also observed that each year, George’s chains of businesses in Liberia have provided countless assistance to several schools in Monrovia and its environs with the distribution of free textbooks afford to hundreds of pupils many of whom cannot afford  to receive same from the parents or guidance.

In his humanitarian bid to coming to the rescue to several communities in Monrovia and its environs, Mr. Nehme’s chains of business establishments usually provided assistance to communities residents with food and other affordable items with the sole objective of making residents of these communities to form a part of his investments in the Country.

As his institution’s tradition, every year his entity, the Supplying West Africa Trader Incorporated (SWAT), always made it its duty to identify with several medical institutions in the country by donating several food items and other incentives for the sick that are seriously in need of such urgent assistance.

Further survey conducted by our reporters revealed that this Lebanese business tycoon who has been in Liberia for nearly four decades has proven to be one of Liberia’s most committed business executives who is threading the path of better living for poverty stricken Liberians.

Speaking about the legality of his chains of businesses in Liberia, it was also revealed that being a man of integrity, and a true Partner-In-Progress it was always his duty to note that all his business transactions always met the appropriate business obligations as required by the Business Regulation of Liberia.

“This man has never engaged in any dubious transaction in the operation of his businesses in the Country. He is indeed a true partner in progress,” an employee of the Ministry of Commerce who spoke to our reporter and refused to be named stressed.

Also speaking about the goodness of Mr. Nehme and the support being given in building the Liberian economy were some employees of some of the businesses he run, characterizing him as a very understanding boss who always feel the pains of his employees.

“He is not like other bosses who feel extra ordinary because of their wealth, and huge investments. Mr. Nehme is always available whenever any of his employees has a problem to be addressed. We appreciate him very much,” an employee of the Firestone based Harbel Supermarket Corporation in a chat with our staff noted.

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