Burkina Faso: The Old Guard vs. The People, Round 2

In late October 2014, the Burkinabé people took to the street to protest former President Blaise Compaoré’s attempt to amend the constitution and extend his 27 years in office. The world stood still, Africa stood proud, and the Burkinabé people’s will prevailed by virtue of it being greater than the arrogance of those in power.

Africans across the continent echoed their calls as Compaoré was forced to resign and escape into exile. The people’s protest was, for many, the ‘good coup’ that got a tyrannical government out of power, giving way to a new beginning.

Barely a year later on 16 September 2015, however, just 25 days ahead of the scheduled 11 October elections, the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP) struck a blow against that fresh start, taking hostage the President of the Transition, the Prime Minister, and two ministers. READ MORE OF THIS ON AFRICAN ARGUMENTS


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