Flooding in Monrovia, Several Homeless

The issue of flooding in the Nation’s capital, Monrovia and other parts of the country remains unabated due to the heavy down poor of rain, poor drainages and the construction of buildings in waterways.

This has resulted to flooding in recent days in most parts of the capital, with several residents losing their personal belongings and rendering them homeless.
There are several communities that now noted for always experiencing flooding, especially during the raining season.

They include Clara Town, Doe Community, Freeport Community, Jamaica Road Community, Logan Town, Tweh Farm Community and St. Paul Bridge Community, among others.

They communities are located in the swamp, while most if the residents and underprivileged people.

But the heavy down pour of rain over the last two days, has left most parts of Monrovia and its surroundings flooded, leaving most residents homeless.

Latest is the Paynesville Municipality where flooding has left several residents homeless for the last two days.

Residents of Zayzay Community in Paynesville are amongst flood victims. The flood water entered several houses in the community thus contaminating several water sources in the area.

“It is the first of its kind in this community for flood water to enter houses”, a resident, Leona Tyler sorrowfully narrated.

Miss Tyler informed WASH Journalists that flood water has destroyed her personal effects and not only that, but has also created unhygienic conditions for persons affected by the flood.

She said feces and other solid waste materials have spread in the entire community due to the flood.

Miss Tyler said the flood poses health hazard to them because many of the dwellers practice open defecation, usually using plastic bags to dispose their feces.

Most of the affected residents were seen in a pitiful mood, as tears were seen in their eyes.

The affected residents disclosed that at present they are purchasing mineral water due to the contamination caused by the flood.

They informed WASH reporters that recently an infant almost died due to the flood in the community.

Meanwhile, some of residents have blamed poor road construction for the constant flooding in recent days.

The Zayzay Community residents also attributed the constant flooding in their community to poor drainage system.

According to them, this has resulted to flooding whenever it rains in the community.

The residents want a bigger drainage constructed to allow water flow through it easily without spreading into the community.

The residents are calling on government and partners to intervene and address the situation which they consider as unbearable.

In a related development, some residents of the AB Tolbert Road Community in Paynesville have been rendered homeless by flood.

The affected residents said snakes and other harmful substances have been deposited in their homes due to the flood.

They are calling on the government to come to their aid in addressing the issue of flooding in their community.


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