“US$90M Needed To Revamp Security Sector,” Finance Minister Discloses

Finance Minister Amara Konneh has disclosed that government needs US$90 million to revamp the security sector to meet the challenges for adequate security when the United
Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) departs Liberia.

Minister Konneh emphasized that the plan to ensure that Liberia takes over its security 100 percent will require US$90 million, noting that this money will be used to train more police, military, immigration
and fire service officers to tackle security issues. He however regretted that  the National Legislature placed only US$20 million in the National Budget to implement the plan of revamping the security sector for  the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year.

The Finance Boss made the disclosure Saturday at the joint graduation program of the Bureau of Immigration and Nationalization and the Liberia National Fire Service held at Camp Biago in Sinje Town, Garwula District, Grand Cape Mount County.

He expressed appreciation to the National Legislature for placing US$20 million in the National Budget to jumpstart the implementation plan for Liberia to completely take over its security responsibility from UNMIL next year, but indicated that the money is not enough to ensure the effective operation of the security sector.

Minister reaffirmed government’s commitment to training more security personnel to fill the gaps of UNMIL officers, noting that the training of more than 300 security personnel at the Sinje Training Site demonstrates Government’s preparedness to take charge of the nation’s security.

Minister Konneh emphasized that in the wake of the UNMIL drawdown plan, it is critical for the Liberian Government to prioritize the provision of the balance US$70 to ensure that the country remains secure.
He is at the same time urging all branches of government, development partners and Liberians from all walks of life  to ensure that  peace and security are maintained  in the country.


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