Liberian Rights Advocate Who Want FGM Halted Fear For His Life

A Liberian rights advocate for the end to female genital mutilation (FGM) in Liberia has fled the country due to reported threats on his life, according to our investigation, his life is in danger for advocating for the rights of young women who on a regular basis are been compelled to be initiated in secret societies, and at most times forced into the FGM practices.

Our reporter who spoke to some residents of the area where Mr. Sylvester T. M. Nyumah resides, said prior to his departure from the country in the year  2011,several threats were made against him and his family due to his advocacy against the FGM practice stressing that it is unhealthy for young women to be initiated in to such.

Our reporter quoting sources, said after noticing the action by those involved, he took upon himself to launch an awareness program about the danger been imposed for the young women of Liberia who are usually compelled to be in such practice.

He further disclosed that during one of Mr. Nyumah's several awareness programs in the suburb of Monrovia, Clara Town to help end this practice  by discussing the danger of it to the lives of young women, a tension grew amongst those who were rejecting his call to stop such practice.

He said as a result of this tension Mr. Nyumah was seriously wounded on his left hand by some of those who were objection to his advocacy, and was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. He said due to all of these, he and his family are in fear of their lives.

Our reporter also gathered that Mr. Nyumah in March 2015, similar tension grew when he was invited by other residents of his community to petition him to contest for the 2017 elections as Representative for their district due to his enormous contributions to the growth and development of their district over the years.

He said during that gathering another tension grew with people throwing stones and other harmful materials at him, making several of his supporters to sustained severe wounds, while others were rushed to a nearby clinic for treatment.

He said on many occasions Mr. Nyumah received several death threats including text messages on his phone from unknown individuals threatening his life and his family, this situation he said forced him to leave Liberia to any nearby country to save their lives.

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