GNN’s Weekly Opinion Poll For 2017 Presidential Race- What The People Say About The Candidates

As the much talked about 2017 general and presidential election creeps in slowly for Liberians to choose their next President after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shall have handover power, Liberians throughout the country are murmuring over who will be able to replace Africa’s First Female President to rule for another term Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia.

Our team of pollsters throughout the country over the last seven days (one week) has been working hard in gathering information from the electorates as to who they think can be their preferred choice for the country’s presidency come 2017.

Already over 17 Liberians and more are on their way have declared their intention for the nation’s highest seat, the presidency, telling Liberian eligible voters that they are the right candidates for the job.

Our latest polls from around the country showed that the current Vice President of Liberia, Joseph N. Boakai is the issue of discussion during pollsters’ survey. Many those who spoke out on the issue, questioned as to whether he can perform better when given the opportunity to be elected as Liberia’s next president. They also noted that he is a part of the current Government that is receiving lashes from Liberians for been unable to control the widespread of corruption. Others disagreed that he will not do well when elected; they spoke of his maturity, and a well-seasoned politician. 47%   agreed of his ascendency.

Senator George Weah of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) who many considered as a heavy weight politician in the Liberian political arena is said to be losing popularity due to rumors and media reports that he is chasing high profile politicians to be his running mate during the 2017 elections seems to reduce some of his supports from his hard die supporters. Many of those who spoke to our staff said such news have weakened them. While others speaking to our team openly expressed confidence in the George Weah Ticket for the 2017 presidency. 62% agreed that George Weah will be the next President, while 37% disagreed that he be the country next man to be in charge of the Country’s presidency.

Our pollsters during their nationwide survey also gathered information about the status of the political leader of the Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine who during many elections threw his net into the race and became unsuccessful. Some of those who spoke to our team said they are of the belief that this time this learned Liberian lawyer will make the difference in 2017. But for others, they said he must relinquish his quest for the presidency, because he will go nowhere. 58% of agreed that he will make the difference, while 42% disagreed that he will succeed in his quest for the country’s presidency.

Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, even though he has not publicly declare his intention for the presidency, his name is said to be  propping up in most of the country’s leeward counties. Many see him as the best choice for the presidency; his concern for rural dwellers in their economic empowerment has won the hearts of many of those who spoke to our team.

For others, it is to the contrary, noting that his quest for the presidency when declared will not hold, stressing that the huge cash delivered to rural dwellers in the name of empowering them is the mandate of the Central Bank of Liberia, and not on his own. 50% agreed that he is capable to capture the presidency, while the other 50% disagreed that he will make it.

Electorates are pondering over the fate of the former Commissioner of the Bureau of Maritime Affairs during the reign of former Liberian President Charles Taylor, Mr. Benoni Urey now considered as Liberia richest businessman as to whether can be a good president or trying to proxy of his former boss, Mr. Taylor now behind bars in the UK for crimes against humanity.

His party, the All Liberia Party was recently certificated by the National Elections Commission as a duly registered political party. His quest for the presidency seems to raise eyebrows amongst Liberians as to sincerity. Our polls show that 60% disagreed for his presidency, while 40% say they wish him all the good in his endeavor as he craves for the nation’s highest seat come 2017.

As for Liberia’s renowned Economist, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh many see him as Liberia’s retired politician and urging him to forget been in the pending 2017 presidential race, noting that his attempt will not make any difference, even if he did. 100% of all those who spoke to our pollsters kept repeating the same thing that he should now rest and watch the political playing field in 2017.

Another Liberian businessman and a tough talking politician of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simon Freeman has been graded high for his advocacy, specially speaking on the ills in the Liberian society fearlessly. Many see him as one of the best Liberians that can be trusted due to his critical stance on issues. Many said his quest for the presidency should be ruled out. While others think as a Liberian he must be given the chance to try his luck. 18% agreed for him to try his luck, while 82% disagreed of been a good presidential material.

Another candidate who many are still watching to see is Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams, political leader of the New Liberia Party his quest for the nation’s presidency seems to grab many Liberians who are eager to no his platform. Some of those who spoke to our team around the country say they are waiting to see. 85% disagreed for his quest saying they are looking out to see this man who want to rule Liberia, and his contribution to Liberia over the years, while 15% agreed that he should come and try his luck as a Liberian

This Opinion Poll will be a regular slot on this informative website, it will be featured after every seven days of the week looking at how people think about their preferred candidate in the upcoming general and presidential elections 2017.

Join us those candidates we did not feature in this edition will be looked at in our next edition.Our pollsters are in all the counties of Liberia given us accurate statistics of those candidates.



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