Chinese Ambassador Reaffirms China’s Support To Liberia

Chinese Ambassador to Liberia Ambassador Zhang Yue  says Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Liberia nearly a month ago turns a new page of the bilateral cooperation in the post-Ebola era and reaffirmed China’s continued support  to Liberia.

The Chinese Ambassador gave the assurance Saturday evening at the Chinese Embassy in Congo Town, at a program marking the 66th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China.

“Just as Minister Wang Yi said during his visit here in Liberia, China will fully support the Economic Stabilization and Recovery plan of Liberia,” he said.

According to the Chinese envoy, the People’s Republic of China will also focus on the bilateral cooperation in the health, education,infrastructure, agriculture, and other fields, considering the urgent needs of the country.

He told the gathering that China will speed up the renovation of the Samuel K.Doe Sport Complex, the Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC), Ministerial Complex, and construction of the Annex of the Capitol Building as well as the Diplomatic Lounge at the Roberts International Airport.

He further indicated that China will help Liberia to break the bottlenecks in development such as insufficient infrastructure and trained human resource, and will also help encourage and support
Chinese enterprises to participate in the development of infrastructure in various ways.

The Chinese Envoy also stressed that China will promote capacity building by sending more experts to Liberia to train and offer more training opportunities for Liberians in China.

Ambassador Yue assured Liberians that his country will also enhance the cooperation with Liberia in the manufacturing sector so that Liberia can make best use of and add value to its natural resources and improve its sustainable self-development capacity.

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