Liberian Government Appeals For US$16m To Bridge Security Transition Budget Gap

The Government of Liberia is calling on international partners to assist it with US$16 million to bridge budget gaps for the transition of security from UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) to the national security apparatus by June 2016.

The call was contained in a speech Justice Minister Benedict Sannoh delivered at the U.N. Security Council Consideration of the 30th Progress Report on the “Situation in Liberia” held at the UN Headquarters in New York Wednesday.

Sannoh said the Government of Liberia remains appreciative for the work of UNMIL in Liberia and the support of the partners in furtherance of the transition.

He noted that the government has budgeted US$36 million in the 2015/2016 Fiscal Budget and committed US$20 million for the transition, but stressed that there is so far no funding commitment to fill the US$16 million gap.

“It is imperative to give new impetus to resource mobilization initiatives in support of Liberia, as foreseen in the Statement of Mutual Commitment under the Peace Building Commission,” Sannoh noted.

He re-emphasized that the plan for Liberia to take full responsibility from UNMIL has five strategic pillars ranging from the filling of immediate security gaps created by the drawdown and the strengthening of response capacity in threat-prone regions of Liberia.

He also named the reforming of the legal frameworks of the sector agencies and building of capacities of the sector as part of the transition plan, noting that “significant progress has been made towards achieving these objectives.”

He noted that the priority activities for implementation between now and June 2016 have been identified and costed with timelines attached.

Sannoh stressed that in close collaboration with partners, the Government of Liberia now has a clear roadmap, especially regarding the structure and implementation arrangements of the plan.


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