Liberian Women Petition Senate To Pass Land Rights Bill

A group of women under the banner of the Women NGO Network Tuesday converged on the Capitol Building to petition the Liberian Senate to speedily pass the Land Rights Bill.

The group’s spokesperson Betty Sharpe said the bill submitted to the National Legislature in September 2014, seeks land ownership rights, community participation in the sale of land, and equal opportunity, among others.

Meanwhile, the chairman on the Senate Standing Committee on Land, Mines and Energy, Natural Resources and Environment, Grand Kru County Senator Albert Chie, who received the petition on behalf of the committee, said the committee was considering several factors in the passage of the bill.

He named customary marriage as well as customary law over land ownership as factors that must be carefully considered in the passage of the bill.

He, however, promised that the committee will work speedily to pass the Land Rights Bill to meet the aspirations of the public.

The Land Rights Bill was sponsored and submitted to the National Legislature by the Civil Society Working Group on Land Rights in 2014, but since then it is yet to be passed into law by the Senate.

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