Stranded on Liberia’s lab chimp islands

By Jonathan Paye-Layleh


A group of 66 tame chimpanzees used for US medical testing faces being abandoned on six Liberian islands amid a potential funding crisis.

The animals are those left from 108 chimps used for biomedical research carried out by a New York-based charity, Blood Center.

I took a boat ride to accompany a team of people taking food for the chimps.

The animals knew when food should arrive and started to mill around the distribution point just before we got there.

Samantha, in her mid 40s, is the oldest.

She and two others, Mabel and Bullet, stood before a group of animals which gathered as the feeding boat arrived.

Other notable names on the islands include Joyce, Stewart, Duno, Hellen, Ellie, Annie and Teta.

They were very excited – shouting and making joyful noises as they jumped and swaggered up and down. READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON BBC

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