Sunergy Management,IPP Partner Received Invitation From Liberian Government to Attend the US-Liberia Trade and Investment Forum

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–  Sunergy, Incorporated has received an invitation from the Government of the Republic of Liberia to attend the US-Liberia Trade and Investment Forum to be held in New York on September 16, 2015. This Liberian sponsored Forum offers a unique opportunity for Business Leaders and Investors to engage in discussions with the Government and to understand more about Liberia's investment agenda.

Her Excellency, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will be accompanied by a delegation of Senior Government Ministers including the Minister of Finance, Minister of Lands Mines & Energy, the Minister of Public Works, the Chairman of the National Investment Commission of Liberia and the Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia. The Forum will also be attended by high ranking representatives from the US State Department and prominent members of the Liberian business community. Sunergy's Management Team is looking forward to attending this invitation only event.

Sunergy's Proposed Solar Project in Liberia has been well received and we are working to advancing that opportunity now. The New York event is being viewed as an important opportunity for Sunergy and our Independent Power Production Partner's (IPP) from Washington, DC.

Our mining efforts in Sierra Leone are on schedule and new equipment will be in place to take advantage of the upcoming dry mining season, which may start as early as October this year. We are in preliminary discussions for non-dilutive funding to further expand our diamond shipments. The diamond shipments are a result of gravel washing operations. During the dry season gravel is generally stockpiled and then washed during the rains. Our operations are designed to do both stockpiling and washing year round.

Sunergy has founding shareholder ownership in our building and development associate Global Builders Group, Inc. (GBG). Sunergy owns 2,000,000 common shares and GBG is committed to becoming a publically traded Company prior to years end. Sunergy's private shares are currently selling for $0.50 per share with warrants attached. The value of our investment in GBG should provide Sunergy funding for audits and operations in the near future.

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