LIBERIA: Grand Gedeh Youth Groups Threatened To Move On Ivorian And Burkinabe ‘Intruders’ In Their Forests Doing Farming Illegally

Several youth groups of Liberia’s southeastern County of Grand Gedeh have threatened to move on Ivorian Burkinabe ‘Intruders’ who are reportedly farming in their forests making residents of the county to flee their villages for fear of any armed attach on their lives.

Recently a communication read in the Liberian Senate from Grand Gedeh County Senator, Marshall Dennis, informed that august body about the so  called ‘intruders’ describing their attitude as an unfortunate, disturbing and dangerous development for the entire country.

He further informed the Senate that in early May, residents in the Gbarzohn District discovered those Ivorian and Burkinabe intruders who have entered that part of the county and constructed an agricultural estate by planting tree crops, cocoa, palm, etc.

He explained how residents promptly reported the matter to the county’s authority leading to the immediate arrest and detention of six of the intruders in Zwedru City but shortly thereafter and for unexplained reasons the arrestees were released and turned over to the Ivorian border authority.

Senator Marshall told the Senate plenary that in a week after their release, apparently as an act of provocation or the Liberian government’s ability to institute corrective actions, over 200 of them re-entered the same forest well-armed and prepared to man and defend their settlement on the Liberian soil.

The Grand Gedeh lawmaker further said it was against heeding his advice; another complaint this time documented was made to the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the County Superintendent filed as a result of the second complaint; it was then that a team comprising investigators from Monrovia joined a local citizens’ group reached the scene for verification.

He alarmed how extremely concerned he is due to the response so far from the report of the investigation team as it is nothing more of a conspicuous silence while the territorial integrity of Liberia is being violated thereby craving the intervention of the Liberian Senate.

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