Tough Time Scare Liberians Ahead Of 2017

Hundreds of Liberians who are anticipating the holding of ‘Free and Fair’ election come 2017 are beginning to confuse themselves as to who qualifies for the Executive Mansion, the seat of the Liberian presidency come 2017.

Already over two dozens of Liberian political parties have registered to put forward their candidate to contest the nation’s highest seat, the Liberian presidency, even though some of the would be candidates seems to worry of their chances during the much talked about 2017 general and presidential elections.

Despite the distance time for the election, Liberians at most entertainment centers in Monrovia and its environs on a daily basis are seen discussing the fate of some of these would be presidential candidates during the 2017 election.

Some at these centers argued that some of those Liberians who are opting for the nation’s highest seat lacks the quality and are not “Presidential Materials”, while others feel that those guys who are opting for the presidency are also Liberians, noting that it is their constitutional rights to contest for any position of their choice.

“We’re finding it very hard nowadays to even get a dollar a day. What kind of Country is this, everything just getting hard for us, Can you imagine election is just around the corner where has the money gone”? A youthful lady in her early thirties in a chat with our reporter stressed.

This lady is among dozens of other Liberians who are worrying about the livelihood of their fellow compatriots, many of whom are drowning in stockpile of poverty; hoping that one day their motherland will get better.

For those fighting to succeed President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female President after her tenure shall have expired at the end of 2017, have all vowed to “Go for it”, the presidency at all cost.

But for the ordinary Liberians, things are getting hard every day, because in their own words, “it is a Knockout Time” for the Unity Party led Government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf utilizing all the Country’s resources at their disposure.

Some of those politicians who spoke to our reporter on the plight of the Liberian people as they drowns in abject poverty in Liberia, described the plight of the Liberian people as “Unimaginable”, noting as usual with their political rhetoric, “We will do better when elected as your president, what this lady did not do for you I will do it, even better,” these are words of some of those politicians who spoke to this news outlet.

However, time will tell if some of these politicians are sincere in their so-call empty promises to their electorates.

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