Egyptian Court Returns Al Jazeera Reporters to Prison

CAIRO—The conviction and sentencing of three Al Jazeera journalists on Saturday has angered and saddened free-press advocates but left at least some Egyptians feeling it was a necessary step to make the country safer.

Outside a classroom in Cairo, Abdulrahman, an Egyptian journalist who had traveled several hours from his village to learn more advanced skills in the city, said there appears now to be little hope for the future of his profession.

“If any journalist or cameraman is accused of a crime because they are doing their jobs, it impacts press freedom,” he said. “It seems like everyone is going to jail these days.”

Earlier in the day, Al Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fahmy, who has Canadian and Egyptian nationality, and Egyptian Baher Mohamed were in court to hear their convictions for “spreading false news.”  They were sentenced to three and three and one-half years in prison, respectively, and taken into custody immediately.READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON VOA

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