The Liberian Lone Star Flag – Written By: Rabbi Joe Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.

Today as we celebrate Liberia’s 168th Independence Day Anniversary
Let us focus on National Symbols that bind us as one
And one of such Symbols is the Liberian Lone Star Flag
One National Emblem to which all Liberians
Should continually Pledge their Allegiance
Therefore its interpretation must represent the wishes of all Liberians

So even though more than a century ago
The Founding Fathers had their own explanations
Of what the Colors and each Emblem engraved on the Flag meant to them
But today those Symbols take on new but similar meanings to us
Because Liberia is comprised of both Indigenous and Settlers alike
Both of whom migrated to Liberia due to the Love of Liberty
Therefore our National Ensigns should inclusively reflect our diverse nature
Hence whilst yesterday the White Star
In the upper left-hand corner of the Lone Star Flag
Represented the “Freedom” the Ex-slaves
Were “given” by their Southern Plantation Slave Masters
Yet not all Liberians were “Ex-slaves” to say the least
So today the White Star should also symbolize the Freedom
Where all Liberians—Indigenous and Ex-Slaves—may be free
In a land bounteous in wealth and diverse cultures

The Blue Field of course depicts our blessed Heritage as Africans
And as descendants of the Civilization of the Blue Nile River Valley
Also the Blue signifies our belief in the pursuit of liberty
Justice and faithfulness that we must always uphold
Through thick and thin and through rain or shine

Whilst those Six Red and Five White Horizontal Stripes
Signify the Eleven Signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence
Eleven astute and brave patriots whose footsteps we must continue to emulate
The Red tells of the blood that was spilled
By both Indigenous and Settlers alike
And it signifies the courage and valor it took our ancestors
In order to forge the meeting of their minds and hearts
To build a new burgeoning Democracy on Africa’s verdant Grain Coast
And so the White in our National Ensign commands us
To always remain pure at heart toward one another as compatriots
And as sons and daughters of Africa’s Oldest Independent Republic!

Thus the Liberian Lone Star Flag
Is not just a simple National Banner
That should fly above public buildings and world posts
Without its true meaning being told
But rather it heralds a clarion call
To remind all Liberians and the entire world
That Liberians are a sovereign people
That Liberians are one people
And one nation under God’s command
And that we must continue to Pledge our Allegiance
To the Noble Cause for which Liberia was built by our forebears
To promote liberty, justice, and equality for all!

Rabbi Joe Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.
27 June, 2015

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