LIBERIA: Brutal Murder Of Children On The Increase, With Alleged Murderers Placed Victims In Suitcases, Traveling Bags And Banana Bushes

The brutal killing of innocent children in Liberia has come to a highest proportion with alleged murderers placing their victims in suitcases, traveling bags and in banana bushes after committing such hideous crimes, fleeing with impunity.

For the past weeks in Monrovia and its environs residents over the past months have been in fear with the mysterious disappearances of under age children, while others are been found dead with parts missing in various communities here in Monrovia, and other parts of Liberia.

Few weeks ago in the commercial city of Paynsville it was discovered of a 12-year old girl was found dead in a suitcase dropped by unknown individuals who fled the scene after an alarm was raised.

Similar incident took place on the Bushrod Island just a day after the Paynesville took place with another female child age 11 was found on a garage site in the Duala community with the victim been placed in a huge plastic bag with onlookers expressing fear of this development in Liberia nowadays.

Just today, a local radio station reported how an innocent child age 5 was discovered in a ‘banana bush’ in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, western Liberia with police launching a manhunt on the alleged doer of the act.

Dozens of Liberians who spoke to our news outlet have linked these acts on the part of those wanting to take sate power through the means of performing rituals to ascend to such power.

Police are said to be massively investigating these incidents both in Monrovia and Bomi County to arrest those been linked to these hideous crimes.

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