LIBERIA: No Provision In 1847 Constitution For Christian State – Dr. Sawyer

The Head of the Governance Commission and former Interim President Dr. Amos Sawyer has clarified that Liberia’s 1847 Constitution contains no provision establishing the nation as a Christian state.

“There is no such provision contained therein and the 1847 Constitution of Liberia did not establish Liberia as a Christian state,” Sawyer said, noting that such argument is a misconception and misinterpretation of the organic law.

Speaking Thursday at the Ministry of Information regular press conference, the former Interim leader challenged proponent of such argument to show proof by publishing the full text as contained in the nation’s 1847 constitution.

Then Governance Commission Chairman made the comments against the backdrop that the President of Liberia recently upon receiving final report from the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) rejected a proposition which seeks to Christianize Liberia.

Although the president forwarded the CRC report to the Legislature for further consideration, some supporters of the proposition to Christianize Liberia have argued that there are provisions in the Constitution of Liberia which substantiate arguments that the Liberia was established as a Christian nation from its foundation.

But Dr. Sawyer argued that people who go around misinterpreting the Constitution are doing nothing but a disservice to the people of Liberia, adding that “I challenge anyone to come forth and show where in the constitution we can find this.”

According to Dr. Sawyer having realized the very tense and combustible environment at the CRC Conference in Gbarnga, Bong County under which the proposition to Christianize Liberia was accepted by the CRC, the President in her own wisdom thinks that pushing such proposition any further will hamper the nation’s governance process.

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