Liberia government first significant outreach to investors post-Ebola outbreak

On 16th September, the Government of Liberia comes to New York, for the US-Liberia Trade & Investment Forum: the country’s first significant outreach to investors post Ebola. The fourth in a series of Liberian events organised by DMA and led by HE Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia, the visit will provide a unique opportunity for stateside investors and business leaders to gain in-depth knowledge of one of the world’s most rapidly growing markets.

Liberia, finally emerging from the shadow of the Ebola outbreak that so afflicted the region last year, is once again ready to engage with the international business and investment communities.

Supported by US Department of State, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, National Investment Commission in Liberia & US embassy in Liberia, this year’s prestigious forum will be comprised of both plenary and more targeted sessions.

It has been specifically designed to highlight investment opportunities in Liberia, key sectors (agriculture & agribusiness, infrastructure and extractives), partnership opportunities and details of market entry regulations. DMA is also arranging 1-2-1 meetings to take place in the margins.

To initiate vigorous, constructive dialogue between would-be investors and government, HE President Johnson Sirleaf, will be accompanied by Hon Amara Konneh, Minister of Finance & Development Planning and Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, as well as the most senior delegation of ministers and officials. Speaking alongside the delegation, CEO’s and directors from several of the country’s leading business – including APM Terminals and Firestone Natural Rubber Company – will present their own investment plans in Liberia, as well as sharing details of their experiences and successes.

“We would like to have more U.S. private investments in Liberia,” said President Johnson Sirleaf, adding, “It will help our job creation strategy while improving our economy and bettering the lives of our people.”

Liberia has vast untapped potential in areas such as the extractives industries sector, with a wealth of natural resources as yet unexploited, including further significant deposits of iron ore, gold, diamonds and bauxite.

And with an increased awareness that Liberia has embraced democracy and is stabilising, with President Johnson Sirleaf elected for a second term in 2011, Liberia is gaining growing support for her future and growing investment in her economy.

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