Advocates For Africa Revival Writes U.S. President Obama, UN For The Establishment Of Special Int’l Tribunal For Corruption

In a letter written to the President of the United States of America, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, the Secretary General of the UN, and United States Department, the head of the Advocates for Africa Revival said, “Against this background, I urge you once again to request the United Nations’ Security Council to establish a special International Tribunal for Corruption (ITC) that will monitor, investigate and prosecute corrupt public officials, irrespective of countries.  I respectfully urge you to ask the Security Council to set up a special branch of said court in either Senegal or Nigeria,” the letter written by Mr. Jones Nhinson Williams, the head of the group noted.

Stressing further, the letter to the world leaders said, “ I am making this request because the international community and the West are not helping Africa in an appropriate manner. Instead, they (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations and Western countries) encourage public theft and impunity by continuously providing foreign aid to a region that is far richer in natural resources, but has leaders that are categorically corrupt and bear no consequences for stealing”.  

The letter to the US President and the President United Nations also  said, “It is important that this special international tribunal be set up as soon as possible because without that the U.S. and other Western nations’ tax payers’ money will continue to go in vein under the pretext of foreign aid to Africa.  Here is why I am making this request, Mr. President”.

The letter noted that the, “ The U. S. State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs lists four “pillars” as the foundation of U.S. policy towards Africa. They are: 1. Strengthening democratic institutions, 2. Supporting African economic growth and development, 3. Advancing peace and security, and 4. Promoting opportunity and development”.

“Mr. President, none of these “pillars” is feasible or will achieve any tangible results if the issue of corruption and impunity remains unchecked.  With all due respect, the United States is really wasting its time assuming that things will change in Africa on the basis of these pillars alone.  If you talk to a typical villager in Africa, particularly in Liberia, they care less about the four pillars outlined by the State Department.  What they care more about is how widespread public theft of national resources by their leaders impacts their lives and society.

“To help Africa, the international community, the United States and the West in general must focus on stopping corruption in Africa in every form, shape and manner.  Reasons being corruption produces bad decisions; concern over corruption produces indecision. Moreover, the impact of corruption in Africa, Liberia to be specific, is manifested through political intolerance in addition to generating problems of accountability and transparency to social values and justice. It also results in inefficiencies in the operations of these emerging economies. As a result, our entire societies suffer.  Furthermore, corruption destabilizes African countries and endangers the rule of law,” the letter concluded.

See below the full text of the letter:


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