LIBERIA: Honey Bees Attack Kakata Administrative Building, Killed One Person, Another Seriously Hospitalized

Residents in the neighborhood of the Kakata Administrative Building in Margibi County fled for their lives when a huge bunch of   honey bees launched an attack on residents and workers of the administrative and other public buildings who had gone to work on early Monday, August 17, 2015.

According to our Correspondent, the honey bees attack led to the death of an elderly man who had gone to work that morning, while another person, a lady was seriously wounded and rushed to the C.H. Rannie Hospital in Kakata.

The attack of honey bees in the city center on the lives of individuals here in  Liberia is very unusual, observers  who earlier saw the honey bees attack on dozens of citizens running for their lives said the incident was terrible and spiritual.

Our Correspondent said employees of these offices that were attacked by the deadly honey bees up to this morning, August 18, 2015 are yet to return to work.

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