They’re Coming Again! – 18 Presidential Hopefuls, 18 Plus More Political Parties Queuing For Your Vote – Written By Joel Cholo Brooks

The political playing field in Liberia in preparation of the much talk about 2017 general and presidential elections is getting crowded each day with eighteen or more political parties making their presence felt at the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Liberia, Africa’s oldest nation and still under developed with the population of less than four million people has been overwhelmed by politicians whose only quest is to become President at all cost.

Dozens of Liberian politicians are gearing up in order to put into place those usual techniques of enticing their electorates by telling them those things that they claimed are undone, and that they will do even better when elected to state power is now the chorus of the day.

With eighteen or more political parties emerging with their presidential hopefuls to contest the upcoming 2017 general and presidential elections, the question that flips the lips of concerned Liberians in every sector of the Liberian society is: Who Qualifies for This Job?

Liberians must be mindful in their drive to choose who will religiously govern them as a nation and people, and also be careful not to be moved by those who will rhetorically entice them with promises.

Liberia, the oldest African nation has nothing to showcase in its long years of its existence; boastfully celebrating few weeks ago its 168th independence anniversary, buy yet lacks those things that bring glory to a nation.

Liberians must be very careful in their bid to choose their next president, even though we have less than two years to reach this much anticipated date, they should not be moved by those people who are coming to their doors or on various airwaves and in the local dailies under the pretext to be their ‘Savior’.

They are coming again with their big, big promises, let us be mindful in our bid to choose a leader who will lead this country nobility; a Country  that all Liberians will be proud of, and a Country that will represents its long years of existence.

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