LIBERIA: NEC Certificates Businessman Benoni Urey’s Political Party

The National Elections Commission (NEC) 0ver the weekend certificated the All Liberian Party (ALP) to operate in Liberia as a political party with hundreds of supporters expressing their gratitude for the process. .

Cllr. Jeanette Ebba-Davidson, one of the Commissioners of the NEC said, “I have the honor to present to you, the All Liberians Party for certification as a full flesh political party in Liberia.”

She disclosed further the certification of the All Liberian Party (ALP) brings to eighteen the total number of political parties in the country.

The NEC on last Friday certificated the newly formed party, having met the requirements and guidelines consistent with the establishment of a political party in Liberia.  The certification of ALP brings to an end long-running speculations regarding Mr. Urey’s future in terms of the party on whose ticket he would run for president.

However, the Chairman of the NEC Jerome Korkoyah has warned political parties in the country make their own contribution to the political landscape of Liberia, moving away from destructive criticism.

In his remarks at the certification of the ALP, Cllr. Korkoyah said there were lots of responsibilities for political parties in the country, rather than just be critical without constructive alternatives.

“We expect you to offer alternative when you criticize. Don’t just be critical on government and other constituted authorities. “As a registered political party, you will also be a stakeholder of the electoral process in the country. We expect you to uphold the rules and regulations of the electoral process that have been set up,” he noted.

Chairman Korkoyah also urged the ALP and other political parties that their responsibility was not only to win elections in the country, adding, “You have the responsibility to help the National Elections Commission and protect the integrity of the electoral processes.”

“We expect you to cooperate with the Commission in an effort to foster conflict prevention and management process in helping the Commission to address electoral disputes.” For his part, the Chairman of the All Liberians Party, Emmanuel Lomax assured the NEC that the ALP would remain constructive in its engagements.

“I do agree with him (Chairman Korkoyah) that the only work of political parties is not only to criticize government. We will ensure that the law is respected and we will engage the actors at NEC with the hope that all of us will understand and move our nation forward,” Lomax said.

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