Six Ways to Rebuild Liberia’s Health System: What’s Next for Liberia

{By: Joel Lamstein President, John Snow, Inc.}

On June 29th, 2015, Ebola re-emerged in Liberia. Since then, international news of the outbreak has largely disappeared, but for those on the ground, the hard work of recovery is an ongoing challenge.

Despite new infections, Liberia is working toward rebuilding the health system and restoring confidence among communities to return to life as normal–all while keeping infection prevention practices in mind.

The Ebola epidemic taught Liberia lessons about more than just infection response and prevention–it determined new national priorities across all sectors. These priorities are centered around building Liberia a better future, instead of just restoring the capacity that existed before the outbreak. For health, goals focus on creating stronger systems of care and epidemic prevention based on global standards. READ MORE OF THIS FEATURE

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