Liberian Leader Receives Paul Farmer and Gary Gottlieb of Partners in Health in Monrovia

Dr. Farmer, an American anthropologist and physician who is best known for his humanitarian work, is providing suitable healthcare to rural and under resourced areas in developing countries, beginning in Haiti and is co-founder of Partners in Health; while Dr. Gary Gottlieb is its Executive Director.
According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader thanked Dr. Farmers and Partners in Health for working in Liberia, particularly during the most difficult period of the Ebola outbreak and for the services they have rendered Liberians, especially rural dwellers in southeastern Liberia where their operations are focused.
She said the country took up a new window of opportunity and victory over Ebola until the most recent cases which are being contained. “The country now has a strong capacity in combatting the virus and so the response to the new cases was very good and a second countdown is now on. We are now working on the institutionalization of the response capability and capacity,” President Sirleaf pointed out.
For their part, Drs. Farmer and Gottlieb provided updates to the Liberian leader on their organization’s operation in Liberia, especially Maryland, Grand Kru, Rivercess and Grand Gedeh where over 200 community health worker are busy servicing these communities.
They also briefed President Sirleaf about work currently being done at the J.J. Dossen Hospital in Maryland County where staffing, health education as well as the provision of an X-ray machine and other laboratory equipment have been provided.
“There are plans to transform the J.J. Dossen Hospital in Maryland County into a regional referral hospital with Partners in Health serving as the implementing partner. This selection is consistent with the seven-year Health Plan of the Ministry of Health that particularly targets the John F. Kennedy Hospital, Redemption Hospital, Phebe Hospital and the J.J. Dossen Hospital which Partners in Health will implement,” Dr. Farmer indicated.
He said the regional referral hospital will be modeled after an over US$4 million district referral hospital in Rwanda that incorporates all of the major services that are generally offered by a standard referral hospital and will serve the people of the southeastern region of Liberia. He stressed that it will also serve as a teaching hospital for the training of healthcare workers that are required for an effective and functional healthcare system in Liberia following years of civil war and the deadly Ebola crisis.
Dr. Farmer and Gottlieb indicated that the overall work of Partners in Health in Liberia targets the deployment of over 11,000 community health services workers in the entire country with about 400 of those currently involved with their work in Maryland County where Dr. Gary Gottlieb himself is based.
They thanked President Sirleaf for the opportunity of meeting with them and for allowing them to work in Liberia and thus being of service to the county and its people. They also commended President Sirleaf, her government and the people of Liberia for effectively combatting and containing the deadly Ebola virus disease that threatened the progress of Liberia.

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