In Liberia Wonder Shall Never End! The Case Of A 13-Year Old Girl, Murdered, Mutilated And Placed In Suitcase

As the elocutionary year of 2017 draws closer in Liberia, lots of wackiness is taken place on a daily basis in Liberia with the sole purpose of perhaps obtaining a state power or otherwise, the latest is a 13 years old girl who was yesterday, Thursday, August 6, 2015 found dead in a suitcase.

The incident which took place in Monrovia’s largest commercial district, Red-Light, located in Paynesville City, outside Monrovia was a scene of  fear and grief when the body of little Princess Mento  was discovered around a Police Depot.

The body  was compressed in a medium sized green suitcase, with her eyes and private parts extracted, and dropped on the road leading from the Pipeline Community. Many bystanders were in tears at the scene with many cursing and raining God’s punishment on those they described as, doers of such demonic act.

Community members and eyewitnesses indicated that the green suitcase was discovered around the area by 6:00 a.m. Her body parts, including the eyes and private parts, were extracted. These are done mainly for ritualistic purposes, many who stood around said.

The girl was sent to the market the previous day by her aunt to sell bananas when she met her untimely death, according to eyewitnesses.

An uncontrollable crowd began to pull in with the intention of identifying the victim, but after few hours an aunt of the deceased who identified herself as Patricia, came along with some relatives. Patricia Mentoe, who arrived on the scene and was physically confused, said that the girl left the house Wednesday but did not return home.

The girl, according to her aunt Patricia, had gone to sell bananas, a chore that she had been involved in for the past two years. Her failure to return home prompted aunt Mentoe to make phone calls around to other relatives. The girl's father, who is her brother, is in Nimba.

She disclosed that a similar incident also happened to her biological daughter few years ago, but she indicated that the person who continued to bring tears to her eyes would be paid by God.

“I don’t know why this is always happening to me. My daughter died in similar way. I don’t know what is happening to me. God! What have I done?” Ms. Mentoe, who arrived on the scene with her fiancé, cried.

Some community members noted that the suitcase was dropped by some unknown men but no one knew its contents until some yanna boys thought they had found valuables and decided to open it. They said that police later pursued them but could not get hold of them.

Mary Tokpah, who lives very close to where the suitcase was dropped, said, “When I came outside this morning I didn’t see this suitcase here. I later saw some people coming with load in their hands holding it together, but didn’t know whether this was it because I left.”

She said when she returned later, she saw the suitcase from afar but did not pay close attention to it until the yanna boys opened it and started screaming.

Meanwhile, many are describing the death of Little Princess to a ritualistic killing.

As election time approaches, “we will see many of these happening as it is usually the case,” they noted. The issue of ‘gboyo’, the killing of people for ritualistic purposes, is of much concern in the country, especially during elections time.

Martharline Draopoe, a mother of three, said, “This world is very demonic now. Why will someone kill an innocent child like this?”

Meanwhile, forensic investigators from the Liberia National Police later arrived on the scene and began their investigations.

After consulting with the family of the deceased, the body was later taken to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital by the investigators for proper examination.

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