As Liberian Media Releases Report On U.S. Stance On Corruption, Information Minister Lewis Brown Gives Warning

Liberian Minister of Information, Lewis G. Brown has warned Liberian media against what he called “Unethical Media Reportage” that undermine the nation’s peace, and said the Liberian Government will remain firm in instituting administrative actions against those media entities involved.

Minister Brown further warned that Government will not continue to take kindly or treat as “business as usual,” inappropriate media reports that border on falsehood and could prevent the country from receiving needed assistance that will further improve the lives of ordinary Liberians.

He spoke yesterday, Tuesday August 4, 2015 at the Ministry of Information regular press conference in Monrovia Tuesday, Minister Brown noted that the Government will explore all administrative avenues to ensure that media houses be held culpable for erroneous media reports.

The Information Minister’s statement comes in the wake of reports by some media entities in the country that the U.S. Government is in possession of a list containing names of African officials, including Liberian officials, who are considered to be “corrupt.”

He quoted the media report as emphasizing that the U.S. Government is intending to address the situation.

Brown noted that such reportage is not only intended to denigrate the image of the government, but also has the proclivity to negatively portray the nation to the extent where Liberia will be denied much needed assistance to enhance its recovery process.

“We also believe that these falsehoods are intended to give the impression that this government is engaging in massive corruption, and that nothing is being done to address the situation,” Brown emphasized.

According to the Information boss, such reports also have the potential to tear apart the nation’s hard-earned reputation as well as bring down the nation and its people, adding, “The government will engage the Press Union of Liberia to ensure that necessary actions are taken.”

However, these reports been described by the Liberian Minister of Information were featured on some international wires and also captured in the local media including The Hot Pepper, Informer newspaper and the most informative GNN-Liberia Online news outlet.

With the threats been issued by Minister Brown on the Liberian, we are obliged for the benefit of our numerous browsing public to release what was been published on our informative webpage which gave rise to the Minister's threat.

Recently a dispatch from the United States said a number of private U.S. firms specializing in White Crimes are gathering a new focus: Tracing the wealth of corrupt African officials around the world and associating the crimes with the names of the people who stole the money from the continent while their people and countries go broke.

The initiative began as a result of a high level appeal began by J. Nhinson Williams in 2010, urging more international involvement in recouping stolen wealth from Africa.  Williams, who heads a U.S.-based Jewish international refugee program continues to work with prominent western law firms in this endeavor.  Now the effort is paying off.  The United States has turned over the list of thieves who embezzled wealth in Nigeria while serving in past Nigerian government.  Other lists said to be available include Liberia, Kenya, The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

It is estimated that several persons in past and the current Liberian governments have their names listed and could be prosecuted for White Collar crimes post 2017.  Many ex and present Liberian officials have millions deposited in banks in the Middle East, Asia and Europe as well as the United States. Others have bought homes abroad, including a current Liberian minister who said to have paid cash for his home in Silver Springs, Maryland some half a decade ago during the Taylor's regime.

According to unnamed sources, the Liberian list includes people in all three branches of the government.

This information which was posted on GNN-Liberia few days ago, informing the Liberian people about it has allegedly been removed by unscrupulous individuals. We are investigating this situation.

Below is one of the links that featured similar order from the US President to the Nigerian leader for his people.


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