Liberia Elected Chair Of OGP Forum

Liberia has been elected Chairman of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) African Governments’ Points of Contact Forum at the end of an OPG meeting in South Africa.

Deputy Information Minister for Administration, Andrew Tehmeh, represented Liberia at the forum which ended July 24.

The African Focal Points to the OPG forum, which comprises Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Tanzania, also elected South Africa as co-chair.

The focal points of the forum said they acknowledge and understand that for the Continent of Africa to be successful in implementing the partnership, it needs to be united and work collaboratively on the processes of the mechanism.

In a communiqué issued by the group, member countries recognized that congregating from similar backgrounds, Africa stands to gain extensively from active engagement as peers and learn significantly from each other’s experience.

“We therefore on this day establish an African Points of Contact structure that will also serve as a support base to other African countries who intend to join the Open Government Partnership,” they said in the communiqué.

It indicated that for the leadership of the structure, the member countries select the Focal Point of the Government of Liberia to serve as the Chair, and the Government of South Africa as Deputy Chair, also responsible for secretarial services.

“We conclude our deliberations committing ourselves to work in cooperation, collaboratively and to build a partnership that will enhance and support our declaration to uphold the values and principles of the Open Government Partnership,” the member countries said.

In remarks, the Liberian Focal Point Tehmeh thanked members of the OGP for electing him and promised to uphold the confidence reposed in him in moving the
forum forward.“I assure you that I will ensure that we forge a common African agenda,” Tehmeh pledged.

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