Alex Cummings’ Message To Liberians On The 168th Independence Anniversary

As Liberians celebrate the 168th anniversary of independence on July 26, 2015, the Friends of Alex Cummings (FoAC) extend best felicitations to the people of Liberia.

We applaud the best efforts of all Liberians who have been engaged in the national debate to ensure that we build a great country that will be the home of our children and grand-children for decades and centuries to come.

Nation-building must therefore ensure the participation of all Liberians with the goal of economic progress and benefits, good governance and stability.

The Friends of Alex Cummings (FoAC), through its Presidential Exploratory Committee (PEC) shares with Liberians that the future of our beloved Liberia can only be created through determined efforts, hard work, sacrifice and some patience.

Our future as a people and country can only be secured and guided by honesty, optimism, collaboration and execution of achievable goals in measured and innovative ways.

The FoAC , through its Exploratory Presidential Committee, looks forward to a continued engagement with all Liberians in the Homeland and the Diaspora to develop effective leadership and accountability in all facets of national life in the coming years.

Happy 26th to all Liberians as we all work together to consolidate peace, generate economic independence and strengthen fledging democratic institutions.

The Friends of Alex Cummings (FoAC) is a group of Liberian professionals from various backgrounds and political persuasions in and out of Liberia who are committed to the institution of a new paradigm of effective leadership and change in Liberia.

The FoAC has, meanwhile, formed a Presidential Exploratory Committee with the purpose of courting and drafting Mr. Alex Cummings for national leadership in Liberia. We encourage and invite all Liberians who subscribe to the rebuilding of the country, effective leadership, critical and measured approaches to issues, and promotion of democratic ideals to join this effort.
Communications Department
Friends of Alex Cummings (FoAC)

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