New York Blood Center abandons 66 apes on Liberian island after they experimented on them

Animal charities have made a desperate appeal to save 66 chimpanzees who were captured from the wild by humans for medical experiments, infected with deadly diseases like hepatitis, then 'abandoned' deep in the jungles of Liberia.

The chimps who live on six islets in the country's south were experimented on at a controversial virus testing laboratory set up by the New York Blood Center (NYBC) in 1974.

It stopped the research in 2005, leaving them on six small islets wholly reliant on human support. The project's director at the time had promised the organisation would continue to provide 'lifetime care' for the animals, who have become dependent on humans for food and shelter. But the company now disputes this.

In one heartbreaking video that shows the bond between human and animal, the chimps hug the volunteers who are currently their only lifeline as they arrive by boat to the island to feed them. READ MORE OF THIS STORY


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