CRG Rejects War Crimes Prosecution, Urges Liberians To Forgive One Another And Rebuild Their Country

“We must learn to overcome our differences and move forward through forgiveness,” words of Mr. Abraham Keita, Chief Executive Officer and President of Condo Reconciliation Group Incorporated, a local NGO based in Liberia with branches in the United States.

Mr. Keita noted that the issue of  Liberians must be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity is not the way forward  to solve the Country’s numerous problems, but rather Liberians must come together and built their ravaged nation.

He said Liberians after years of a brutal civil war must now realize that abhorrence or hatred against each other for now is not the solution for all Liberians, and then admonished those calling for the establishment of war crimes court in Liberia to abandon their quest, noting, “This will continue to deepen hatred among us Liberians.

Mr. Keita NGO, the Condo Reconciliation Group has over the years been on the frontline in the promotion of peace, unity and reconciliation amongst Liberians, noting that all Liberians should now understand what it takes to be in the boat of peace and unity, and do away those vices that once divided Liberians to be against one another.
He said the achievement of last peace through the support of Liberia’s international partners should not be thwarted or frustrated by creating another situation where Liberians will be against one another, and urged all Liberians to continue to follow the symbol of lasting peace, Mr. Keita in his email to the GNN concluded.

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