LIBERIA: Bad Road Condition May Hamper Grand Kru County July 26 Celebration

Despite of all efforts being applied by the committee spearheading the successful holding of this year’s Independence celebration schedule for Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties respectfully, report coming one of the counties speak of deplorable road condition in Grand Kru County.

Report from the county speaks of deplorable road condition, a situation; the report said may hamper the pending tour of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her entourage to the County.

The report said, due to the seriousness of the bad road people retuning from the county said many of the bridges built along the road have been broken, while creeks and rivers between Grand Kru and Fish Town have overflowed their bands.

They said the situation may hinder the free passage of the President’s entourage, which could result into vehicles sticking in the mud along the road.

 A man, George Bloh, who claimed to be a resident of Barclayville, blamed the condition on poor rehabilitation work done by a construction company, SSF, and other support construction firms in the county.

Mr. Bloh noted that most of the bridges along the road from River Gee to Grand Kru County are being built with logs, without the construction company carrying out excavation of the swam-way to allow the water to flow.

Speaking to the Hot Pepper’s reporter over the weekend, Mr. Bloh observed that if the waterway was excavated from the logging bridges to a certain distance, the water will not sit on the logs, penetrate them and cause them to rot.

He also blamed the county’s administration for the poor condition of the road, and called on President Sirleaf to set a deterrent in the county. “Most of the contractors in the county are either owned or operated by the county lawmakers or the superintendent,” Bloh disclosed. As a result, he noted, much of the construction and repair works are substandard.

He also criticized work done on the guest house and the Superintendent’s compound, and observed that the beautification is attractive but the materials used are poor and the lifespan short.

Mr. Bloh said, as a graduate of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) who studied construction, the football stadium and the town hall are poorly constructed, but the presidential palace and the Superintendent’s residence are in better condition.

He also said the solar plates, which were provided by ArcellorMittal to light the streets of Barclayville, cannot come on time due to very poor weather condition and poor wiring in the city.

 Mr. Bloh noted that it is only around Barclayville that the people of Grand Kru feel the impact of the 26th celebration. He said most of the districts and towns in Grand Kru are in very bad shape, especially their education system, which is in a very deplorable condition.

“The county’s education and district officers live in Monrovia, while only high school graduates are in the county teaching combined classes at high school levels,” Mr. Bloh noted.

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