Kasambu …”Come Out Of Her, People”

The die is cast! There’s no longer any room on the fence, as there’s no longer any fence: everything’s clear and in the open.

Mark 13: 14 reads, “But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Dan’iel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand) then let them that be in Ju-dae’a flee to the mountains”.

Dan.9 : 27 reads, “And he shall confirm the covenant with them for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

This “Obama-Nation” is seeing and will see some serious prophecies fulfilled before our eyes!

During President Obama’s visit to Israel in 2012, he was pictured in a very sombre mood facing the Wailing Wall in (physical) Jerusalem. This was shortly after he had passed the law to legalize same-sex unions in a few states of America, and, he appeared to be standing where he ought not to at the time. On Sunday, June 29, last year, many thousands of Jamaicans from all walks of life, lead by a coalition  of pastors from many churches, made a massive standing in Half-Way-Tree (in spiritual Jerusalem), in sending a message to the would-be political leaders, past, present and future, that Jamaica would not be bowing to the IMF/World Bank/U.S.A./LGBT pressure and blackmail, as had been enunciated by Prime Ministers Cameron and Harper of the U.K. and Canada respectively, to legalize same-sex unions, and to allow for such unions to be able to adopt our children.

At that time last year, that overwhelming reaction and indication from our people, came from mere rumours of an “elephant in the room” of the Government’s negotiations with the IMF, and was carried through although nobody was actually naming the elephant. Today, after President Obama’s recent trip to Jamaica; and his even more recent passing of legislation to legalize same-sex marriages throughout the entire U.S.A.; after such hyped-type mass weddings and celebrated honeymoons over the past few weeks, it is plain in our faces that the TIME has come, and Jamaica is now being stiffly demanded to conform or else!

The more engaged among us, watch curiously to see which Government official will be endowed with the task of the relevant announcement, being fully aware of Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller’s uncanny knack to “tek whey ‘arself “ from unpopular announcements. She always seems to find reason to get off the island whenever this particular elephant threatens to come plodding out of the room. This time though, there’s no more place to hide, and, having just returned from a rather lengthy hideaway overseas to find this elephant firmly on the front veranda, she will not find it easy to strategically side-step the issue any longer.

Ironically though, what is more evident is that the majority public opinion seems to have already come to the conclusion that our Government has already made its covenant with Death and Hell, and is merely seeking to find the right moment and/or individual to break the dreaded news in Jah-mek-yah. It appears now that our security forces, our schools, public and private sectors and other fundamental arms of our society are already being marshalled in accordance with the new guidelines. We believe that our Government is going (or have gone) ahead in turning us over to the rule of Babylon, without our consent, paying scant regard for the reparative justice already outstanding to us after four hundred years of captivity (see Gen. 15 : 13-14, 16), the long-term robbery of our lands, resources and sovereignty. Simply put, in the face of the enormous debt already outstanding to the majority people of African descent in Jamaica, we’re now being forced to dishonour our God and our own very souls, given that homosexuality has never been found in the African DNA. And yes!…the Akan Jamaicans are very homophobic indeed; especially after that day in the late 1600’s, when we, including our women and children, were forced to witness the unbearable spectre of our  High Priest, Accompong, and a few  of his brothers and choice warriors being beaten and raped by their white, British capturers. Britain did not, according to the propaganda taught to our children, bring savages from Africa. Our people came from the most ancient civilization, very culturally developed, and included many skilled artisans, scientists, scribes, singers and dancers, princes and princesses. No Maroon came through the Middle Passage. It is certainly a big lie that we arbitrarily beat and sometimes kill homosexuals in Jamaica, but, by nature, mere contemplation of the act still remains knockout revulsion to the senses of most of us. Akan blood has memory!

Can we, being already in an abyss of four hundred years’ injustice, further bow to the blackmail of our own political leaders, to the extent of dishonouring our God, our ancestors and ancient traditions, assisting the uncreation of God’s creation along with the attendant, rapid transformation of our moral values and the education of our children?

To the extent that we believe that this will be extremely difficult or even impossible for most of us; the fact that the CARICOM Reparations Claim has been tabled; the fact of our country being already in election mode, with a longstanding need for the fundamental fixing of a society weh bruk bad fram mawnin’, should we not rather grasp this opportunity to have a referendum option effected for the next election, whereby we can choose to establish the new Republic of Kasambu, with a new Constitution (based on that written by H.I.M. Haile Selassie I for Ethiopia), essentially doing away with the PNP, JLP and the failed Westminister System, while building the new sovereign state that should have rightly manifested after British surrender following eighty years of warfare, and upon the signing of a Blood Treaty in 1739?

Of a truth, the smooth transfer of authority, traditions and organized agitation that would have been required for effective development of the Maroon State in the wake of the treaty’s signing, were all compromised by the fact that the original leaders had been fighting almost all of their lives, and all would have died in a literal cluster after 1739.  This vacuum that was created in Maroon State organization and agitation, apparently, gave avenues for Britain, working through its local agents, to wrest back control of the island, to impose a police force, both the public and private sectors, and thereafter to systematically seek to keep the poor Africans of Jamaica only as the society’s perennial labour force. Celebrated Jamaican freedom fighters like Sam Sharpe, Chief Tacky, Paul Bogle and George William Gordon all made their great contributions, but appear to have not been specifically aware of the legal potential of Maroon sovereignty, or even of its existence. A greater question could be asked of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, whose both parents were Maroons, and whose privileged education should have fed him with the knowledge as to where Queen Nanny had rested our baton of freedom and self-determination.  We can only be hopelessly bemused, as to why he left Queen Nanny a road !

At the very least, we cannot see how our own attempt to manifest political, social, moral and economic autonomy will not take us to a much better place in the world than the Jamaican Government has been able to take us in fifty-three years of so-called independence. The Jamaican motto “Out of many, one people” has been nothing but a nightmare for most of us, as, in reality, out of the many races represented in our country, only the African is seen being beaten and rendered other indignities by the police, fighting for every day’s dinner, squatting and/or having to beg in the streets.

The 1739 Blood Treaty:
On September 13, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by a vote of 143 for, 4 against, and 11 abstentions. Article 31 of the Declaration is quite far-reaching. It states that:

1.     Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain, control, protect and develop their cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions, as well as the manifestations of their sciences, technologies and cultures, including human and genetic resources, seeds, medicines, knowledge of the properties of fauna and flora, oral traditions, literatures, designs, sports and traditional games and visual and performing arts. They also have the right to maintain, control, protect and develop their intellectual property over such cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions.
2.    In conjunction with indigenous peoples, States shall take effective measures to recognize and protect the exercise of these rights.

Against the background of all the foregoing, let us remember that the British came here to find that the Spanish had already decided to flee to a safer existence in Cuba, and that the island was in the possession of and controlled by Africans who had escaped from the Spanish, and later had put them to flight. The British, as was their custom, came on the scene as a friendly, explorative group, seeking adventure and valuable knowledge of the New World. The Africans, always accommodating of friendship and gracious to others, were mostly established in the hills, and, by way of a lease arrangement, allowed them as planters to settle on some of the plains, growing their crops like cocoa, maize, tobacco and various spices. But the plot for peaceful co-settlement of the island dramatically changed with sugar becoming the major focus crop, and African slavery being identified as the most profitable and expedient strategy to the economy and empire building of the now declared pirates and colonialists.

The Maroon Wars with the British was to last for eighty years, before Britain decided that they could take no more, and, despite the language and culture challenges, King George II was able to communicate and negotiate a Blood Treaty with Queen Nanny, Captain Cudjoe and her other brothers. There has always been heated debate around an infamous Item #9 of the Pacification Principles, whereby the Maroon leaders were required to return runaway slaves to the Majistrate. Whereas this has been the source of much confusion, recrimination and division among us, we need to appreciate that the Maroon leaders at the time would have all been very advanced in age, after fighting for eighty years; and would have had to be mindful of how the British introduction of bloodhounds into their war strategy, had swung the pendulum away from the Maroons’ guerrilla tactics. In retrospect, signing the treaty and salvaging whatever at that point was most probably the wisest thing to do. The Maroon leaders would also have known among themselves whether they had any intention to carry out the requirement to return any runaway slaves. Nevertheless, we are aware that arbitrary mercenaries sometimes carried out this arrangement with the authorities from time to time, as in the capture of Paul Bogle, acting on their own volitions for monetary gain.

Whatever the final verdict on the infamous Item #9 of the 1739 Maroon/British Treaty however, it is patently clear that the sovereign state earned by the Africans of Jamaica have never been allowed to manifest, and, for so many good reasons, the time appears perfect now for at least the option to choose this objective to be justly demanded. Help to save, the saviours of the world!

“Come out of her, my people”:

Jer. 51 : 45 reads, “My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the Lord”.

Rev.18 : 4 reads, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues”.

Isa.1 : 9 reads, “Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sod’om, and we should have been like unto Go-mor’rah”.

In the purest interpretation of these prophecies, coming out of her means not participating with Babylon in acts, practices and doctrines dishonorable unto the Almighty. (search “Kasambu…Open Notice of Intentions to Jamaican Government” and “The Jamaican Akan Root”).

For Jamaica’s 93% majority African population, not only can this be accomplished via the appropriate referendum in our next election, but we should simultaneously demand overdue reparations, dump the byword of Maroon, and reclaim the true name and energy of our lineage; that is, Queen Nanny’s lineage, the Bambu People, in the name of KASAMBU!

Bertram ‘Ras Mandito’ Johnson
& Dr. Christina Sinclair PhD, MSW, DCH.
Author/Publishers of “The Testament of Rastafari…Unlocking the KJV”
Search at: www.lulu.com
E-Mail: almondrodlive@gmail.com
Tel. 876 384-9625

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