Condo Reconciliation Group – Helping To Foster Unity Amongst Liberians

The long awaited quest for Liberians to breathe the lasting air of unity amongst themselves after years of disunity and conflict which destroyed their beloved country, a group has been formed with the objective Nurturing Liberia’s years of broken peace.

According to the organization's Secretary General, Mr. Mustapha Kamara, the greatest objective and task is to bring about lasting peace and unity amongst their fellow compatriots, stressing, “Liberia has over the years had the taste of bitterness including the outbreak of a senseless civil war which led to the destruction of its infrastructures and the loss of thousands of lives, now it is time that we Liberians must recognize that this country belongs to all Liberians, and we must say goodbye to those ills that brought division,” Mr. Kamara in a chat with our staff noted.

Condo Reconciliation Group which is currently on the frontline for peace and unity amongst Liberians has already begun making strides in this regarding to making sure that all Liberians should now understand what it takes to be in the boat of peace and unity, and do away those vices that once divided Liberians to be against one another.

Being established 2014, CRG has made some significance efforts in its bid to bring about that brotherly and sisterly love; making sure that all Liberians recognize each other’s contributions to the growth and development of their beloved Country – Liberia.

Speaking also to our staff via mobile phone from the United States, the Chief Executive Officer and President of CRG, Mr. Abraham Keita, stressed the importance that all Liberians    holistically realize that they are one, and that they must also recognize that Liberia is for all Liberians, “We must always learn to be our brothers’ keeper if we must succeed in making our Country a better place to live,” He told our staff in a chat.

Touching on the importance of CRG, Mr. Keita said, his  organization during its existence will serve as a breach for  reconciling the people of Liberia at all times, and also to ensure that those vices that once divided them during those past years that led to a bitter past (war) will not come back.

He also disclosed that CRG a based human service agency, is committed to enhancing the quality of life of Liberians, and the personal growth of those who they will serve through support for individual choice and independence.

Noting, “Our vast array of services are been focused on meeting the needs of individuals, while maintaining a vision toward each persons’ desire, ability, and right to be a productive and valued member of his or her own community. C R G strongly and passionately believes in each individual’s ability to succeed in life, through personal empowerment given with dignity and respect.

The mission of this organization, according to its leadership is as follow: We deeply believe in an individual’s potential for success. -We fully accepted and represented other people regardless of race, religion, culture, educational background abilities and outlooks. We embrace the knowledge that our partnership with the community is vital to develop, implement, and advocate public policy, and to demonstrate empathy with one another and treat each other with respect.

Recently CRG on its humanitarian tour visited several Ebola Treatment Units (ETU) including ELWA Hospital, and others.

Other executives of CRG who are also working tirelessly in the interest of the Liberian people are Rev.J. Emmanuel Bowier as Vice President, and Mr. Bushuben Keita Head of Communication.

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