LIBERIA; “We need Inclusion, not discrimination” – Tureh Doh Comment On Benoni Urey Quest

Recently this news outlet feature a story, entitled: Benoni Urey Is Determine To Rule Liberia, Criticizes Diaspora Politicians", this article seems not to go down well with one of our browsers, Meh Tureh Doh who in an email stressed these words, 'Every Liberian, whether in the homeland or in the diaspora, can and should make a contribution or contributions to their country, whether to serve in public office, or in the private sector. The idea, that a Liberian should not be listened to at least, just because, as Mr. Urey puts it, he/she was not with them in their days of darkness, is preposterous. Maybe Mr. Urey does not know.. but it is still pitch dark in Liberia. Mr. Urey again intimated recently, that members of his secret society, should rule Liberia or are better qualified to rule Liberia. Is Mr. Urey propagating divisive politics, pitting  Liberians against each other?

I agree with Mr. Urey on one thing: That the people should take into consideration what the presidential candidates have done for their country and don't fall prey to their schemes of giving them bags of rice and money come election time to win their votes. Where I disagree js when he targets a selective group of Liberians based on where they live. Can reasonable people infer then, according to Mr. Urey, that those Liberians in the homeland, are not culpable of the same scheme he described?  

Are we getting a preview of what a Urey administration would look like? An administration rife with discrimination instead of inclusion? His target today is Liberians in the dispora, and already he has signaled that those he will have in his administration will be members of his secret society. The question is, what is to stop him from going further to say, a Mandigo, a Kru, a Gio, a Krahn, a Bassa, a Gola, a Mende, a Lorma, etc, should not contest for the presidency, or not  qualified to hold a cabinet position.

Mr. Urey, you ought to know that a year before an election  is an eternity. There are more Liberians in the diaspora who are ten times or even 100 times wealthier than you, who understand development economy…that the private sector should be robust than the public sector..and may have the capacity to fuel that sector than you ever will. Therefore, these Liberians you try so hard to disqualify, may do more for Liberia and Liberians in the few months before the election, than you have done in your entire life in Liberia.. and only time will tell.  May God continue to save Liberia", Tureh concluded in his statement.


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